Home Base works to overcome barriers to care for family members in a variety of ways, including providing a variety of treatment and support groups aimed at bringing people together to foster ongoing peer connection. Home Base’s Clinical Team is multidisciplinary, and consists of psychiatrists, psychologists, physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians, nurses, and social workers from Massachusetts General Hospital and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, both located in Boston, MA.

Treatment groups are focused on helping individual members change some aspect of their life by developing insight and building skills through structured sessions with clearly delineated goals. The group facilitator provides education, introduces coping strategies, facilitates the examination of new perspectives, and problem solves around challenges in implementing these changes outside of the group. Treatment groups are typically time-limited, with the goal of incorporating the newly learned, more effective ways of coping in one’s daily life.  The groups offered at Home Base have been developed in line with current treatments found to be effective in research studies. Treatment groups typically meet on a weekly basis, with some occurring on a monthly basis.

Support groups are focused on members sharing with one another the challenges they’ve experienced about a common concern or issue. Meetings are generally unstructured and less reliant on a facilitator to make connections, but instead call on group members to come together to offer one another support and help each other cope.  The ongoing, open-ended format of these groups allow for members to freely determine the amount of time they will attend the group. Individual members may opt to drop-in, as needed, whether for a specific problem or for ongoing support and are welcome to return at any time. Support groups at Home Base occur on a monthly basis.

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