Sleep & Light 

Compared to our ancestors a few hundred years ago, we are a darkness deprived society. Light can play a major role in our ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. Join us as we talk strategies to reduce light and improve sleep.

From Our Cookbook to Yours: Allard Family Campfire Brownies

There is nothing like cooking over an open fire but we often forget that there are creative and fun options beyond smores when it comes to desserts! Home Base’s Chief Operating Officer, Michael Allard and his family take you walk you through the process of making their favorite summer family snack, the Campfire Brownie.

Bhramari Breathing

The Bhramari Pranayama or “Bumblebee Breath” is a calming breath practice that can be performed at home, at your desk or anywhere that you feel comfortable! If you have a hard time meditating or are new to the practice of meditation, Bhramari breath can also be helpful to assist you in focusing and blocking out distractions.

Practicing Gratitude with Small Children

  Children gain the same benefits as adults from practicing gratitude: They feel better about themselves Their mood improves Their sleep quality is better They have fewer physical problems Their ability to cope with life’s ups/downs improves However, it can be challenging to impress on your 3-5 year old the importance of being grateful!  That’s

A Special Independence Day Message from General Hammond

Dear Friends of Home Base, Each year on the 4th of July we celebrate Independence Day with family and friends, getting together for parades, fireworks, and barbecues. This year our social gatherings will be different and more limited as our nation is facing the foreboding specter of a COVID-19 return, the challenges of systemic racism,

Nutrition: How to Support Your GI System Through Nutrition

In today’s #HBHealthAtHome nutrition post, Home Base Registered Dietitian Emilie Burgess offers you some tips and tricks to help combat bloating. Dive into this blog post to see how some of your diet and lifestyle patterns could be exacerbating your gastrointestinal discomfort.

Mindfulness: Pranayama Series, Full Yogic Breath

The full yogic breath is a staple pranayama exercise to have in your mindfulness tool kit. It supports stress reduction and can offer a guide into a mindful state. Join Home Base’s Jennifer Kneeland for a guided midweek mindfulness breathing exercise that will help you focus and reenergize.

Nutrition: Intermittent Fasting 101

When you google search “intermittent fasting,” you will probably get over 1,000 hits. This type of dieting has hit the market by storm, so it is tough to not ask yourself, “do I need to be doing this?” Home Base’s Registered Dietitian, Emilie Burgess breaks down the concept of intermittent fasting and discusses what the research today is showing.

Mindfulness: Skills to Overcome Challenging Moments

People all over the country and the world are having difficult conversations, learning, and experiencing new and heightened emotions. This challenges our coping skills and can be overwhelming, leading us to shut down, explode, or not take care of ourselves. In today’s mindfulness post, Home Base Clinical Social Worker Clare Stupinski rounds up a #HBHealthAtHome resiliency toolkit to support you during these times.