Fitness Workout of the Day: Power and Plyometrics

In today’s Operation Health at Home Workout of the Day, Home Base’s Brett Thompson teaches you how to improve your explosiveness as he takes you through a workout with three super-sets that focuses on power and plyometrics.

Mindfulness: Discussion with Retired Red Sox Player Darnell McDonald Part 2 of 5

In part 2 of this 5 part Operation Health at Home series, Home Base’s Expressive Arts Therapist, Jennifer Kneeland continues her conversation with retired Red Sox player, Darnell McDonald. In this video, Darnell and Jen discuss implementing mindfulness in your daily routine, how to be present and how to best set expectations of success.

Nutrition: Hunger & Fullness

Diet culture has caused a mistrust between people, food and their bodies in this post and makes listening to our body’s messages to us difficult, especially regarding hunger and fullness. In this Operation Health at Home post, Home Base Dietitian Emilie Burgess explains how to better monitor your hunger and fullness levels by taking a mindful approach to eating.

Performance Enhancing Supplements Series: Misconceptions and Truths – Protein Powder

Questions about supplements are some of the most often asked of our Health and Wellness team. In order to answer some questions and clear up misconceptions about supplements, Home Base’s Athletic Trainer and Strength Coaches interviewed and collaborated with Home Base’s Emilie Burgess MS, RDN, CSSD, LDN for expert advice on how to best approach the most popular performance enhancing supplements. In the first part of this series, the team dives into protein powder, how it can be helpful and the best way to add it to your regiment.

Fitness WOD: Muscular Endurance Circuit

In today’s Operation Health at Home Workout of the Day, Home Base’s Brett Thompson takes you through a total body, low weight, high repetition muscular endurance circuit using bands or cables!

Nutrition: Mango and Pineapple Cutting Demo

Mangoes and Pineapples are some of the most sweet and delicious fruits out there. However, most people avoid them do to the hassle of cutting them up. In this video demonstration by Ryan Morrison, Home Base Registered Dietitian, shows the easiest ways to cut up and enjoy these fruits!

Mindfulness: 5 Minute Yoga Series From Your Desk

Working from a seated position all day can make it difficult for your joints and body to feel refreshed and well stretched. In this installment of Operation Health at Home, Home Base’s Kayla Furbish takes you through a 5-minute series of Yoga exercises that you can do from your desk!