Dancehall and Deployments - Featuring Marine Veteran Shaggy

Shaggy was born Orville Richard Burrell in Jamaica, and after moving to New York at 18, he would soon enlist in the Marines. Two years into service he deployed with the 10th Marine Regiment to the Persian Gulf, and he looks back at that time as one of the building blocks of discipline that helped launch him into super-stardom into the world of Dancehall and Reggae music. Semper Fi … or in English, “Always Loyal,” sums up a true motto for our guest as a Marine who served overseas and as a faithful artist who continues to serve all of his fans across the globe.

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Home Base Nation brings you discussions on thriving beyond surviving, and conversations with the civilian and military leaders of a grateful nation, who have been listening to our veterans and military families, and creating service for those who have served. This show highlights conversations with authors, artists, politicians, athletes, and the inspirational veterans and military families who stand up and fight for us every day.

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Recalibration - Featuring Retired Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills

Meet Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills: Entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, husband and father of two. Travis inspires everyone, civilian and military alike with his infectious Never Give Up Never Quit mantra, and in his New York Times Bestseller, Tough As They Come, the Army veteran takes you on a journey to and from war and to some of the greatest years of his life after being injured. Travis is one of five surviving quadruple amputees since the start of the post-9/11 conflicts. He'll share his story with us, and we'll discuss his recalibration to life at home, and recovery to a new chapter that brings fulfillment and purpose once again.

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Diner Debrief - Companion Episode to: From Injury to Inspiration

Hello Home Base Nation! We invite you to listen to the previous episode featuring Lee and Bob Woodruff on 12-23-19, prior to tuning in to this Diner Debrief. For this week’s Diner Debrief, we are joined by two servicemember colleagues for some thoughts and perspective after listening to the episode, From Injury to Inspiration - Featuring Lee and Bob Woodruff. Marine Veteran Brendan McCaffrey and Army Warrant Officer One Armand Hunter will comment with host Dr. Ron Hirschberg about protecting our civilian journalists who are serving in their own way, needs for all of our TBI survivors, and brotherhood and family-hood.

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From Injury to Inspiration - Featuring Lee and Bob Woodruff

As travelers, bestselling writers, and award winning journalists, Lee and Bob Woodruff have always been interested in culture, language, goverment and of course, family. But when Bob was struck by an improvised explosive device (IED) in January of 2006, he (and they) became “interesting” in an unexpected way. They became faces of a family affected by traumatic brain injury (TBI), a signature injury of the post 9/11 conflicts, right in the middle of sky rocketing numbers of service members with these same injuries, and would become a source of and hope and inspiration for thousands of servicemembers, veterans and military families. Join us for a conversation on recovery, family and the creation of a growing foundation that would serve so many who have served.

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Finding Purpose...Again - Featuring Marine Veteran Kirstie Ennis

Marine Veteran Kirstie Ennis has realized through a unique blend of perseverance and giving back, that at age 28, she has found her purpose for the second time in life. Join us for a conversation about growing up with Marine role models and becoming one, and why each day is an opportunity to serve in different ways than she every thought she would - Through the lens of a Marine who became a Paralympian, Mountaineer and Philanthropist.

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Whose Freedom Are We Fighting For? - Featuring Spike Lee

To learn more about the African American experience in time of war, we spoke with Academy Award winning director Spike Lee - who bridges the civilian-military divide through his storytelling with film. In 2008, Spike released the historical fiction film Miracle at St. Anna which tells the story of the Black infantry, or Buffalo Soldiers, and how they helped liberate Italy from Mussolini and the Nazis in WWII. His new film, Da 5 Bloods is slated to release Fall 2020, and is about four African American soldiers who return to Vietnam in search of their fallen squad leader. In this episode, we'll discuss patriotism and putting one’s life on the line for a country that at the time was acutely struggling with its own failures in equality right at home.

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Dr. Ron Hirschberg is a physician who specializes in neurological and trauma functional recovery, assistant professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) at Harvard Medical School, and Director of the PM&R Consultation Service at Massachusetts General Hospital. In college, Ron studied cultural anthropology and is a lifelong musician, having produced three albums, including the 2016 Acadia National Park documentary, Second Century Stewardship. In 2016, he founded the division of Arts and Neuroscience at American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine, cultivating music-medicine collaborations with artists and scientists. As a PM&R physician, Dr. Hirschberg has been a consultant at Home Base’s Intensive Clinical Program (ICP). His research at Home Base includes collaborative songwriting intervention (CSI) along with Dr. Louisa Sylvia, Director of Health and Wellness.

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